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Types of Companies in Egypt

Types of Companies in Egypt

Entrepreneurs can choose Egypt for investments and business matters. One can establish limited liability companies, partnerships, or joint venture. Companies might be interested in setting branches or representative offices too. In compliance with the Corporate Law in Egypt, a business can be registered in Egypt with few formalities or paperwork. Our company formation agents in Egypt can help entrepreneurs set up their companies in the country.

Limited liability company in Egypt

If you have decided for a limited liability company in Egypt, it is good to know that each stockholder is in charge of his/her limit of shares in the company, but considering that bonds and shares are not negotiable. A limited liability company in Egypt can be 100% foreign owned, but the board of directors should have at least one national. The minimum share capital when registering an LLC in Egypt is set at 50,000 Egyptian Pounds.

Joint stock company in Egypt

Having shares divided into equal values, and without responsibilities for possible debts, a joint stock company (JSC) in Egypt is a preferred business entity by numerous investors who want to place their businesses on the market under a joint stock company. A JSC in Egypt can be set up with at least 3 shareholders who are mutually answerable for the obligations and responsibilities of the company. It is good to know that at least 49% of the shares in a joint stock company in Egypt must be placed to public subscription once they have been founded and registered. In matters of drafting the documents for your company in Egypt, our specialists in company formation can offer assistance and information in the related aspects.

General partnership in Egypt

general partnership in Egypt can be set up by at least two businesspersons and must be registered with the Ministry of Finance, in compliance with the commercial and civil laws in the country. In a general partnership, the owners have the same rights and must consider the responsibilities and the debts in an equal manner.

Limited partnership in Egypt

limited partnership in Egypt is subject to particular rules. For instance, some of the partners are responsible for the debts registered in the firm, while others are in charge of making investments. This partnership can be registered in the same manner as a general one. Furthermore, one should know that a partnership can convert into a joint stock company in Egypt if certain requirements are met.

Branch in Egypt

Setting up a branch in Egypt complies with the provisions of the Corporate Law 159. One should know that branches in Egypt are exempt from taxation for 10 years if they:

  • hire nationals;
  • develop in new communities.

For a better understanding of the terms, conditions, and rules set for establishing a company in Egypt, we invite you to contact our team of company incorporation representatives in Egypt.