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Shelf Company in Egypt

Shelf Company in Egypt

Investors from abroad have two possibilities of entering the Egyptian market: by registering a company or buying a ready-made one which is also known as a shelf company. Such companies are registered a few months/ years ago and kept on a “shelf” for persons who are interested in purchasing them. The details regarding the shelf companies in Egypt and the ways in which such entities can start the activities can be explained by our team of company formation agents in Egypt.

The advantages of shelf companies in Egypt

Shelf companies in Egypt are already registered, can be bought with a business history and can be used immediately, once the businessman has decided about his/her area of interest. One should know that ready-made companies in Egypt have a notable image in front of the financial institutions in the country, future clients or suppliers because of their age. Investors who want to start their activities in a fast and reliable manner on the market in Egypt may focus their attention on the available shelf companies and the advantages that come with such entities. Additionally, shelf companies in Egypt are preferred by investors who want to spend less time with starting a business.

Among the advantages of a ready-made company in Egypt, we mention that such entity has no debts or liabilities and complete details about the shelf companies available in this country can be obtained from our specialists in company incorporation in Egypt. The same advisors are able to help any entrepreneur register a company in Egypt, with comprehensive information and guidance when drafting the documents.

Details to consider when buying a shelf company in Egypt

If you have decided for the type of activity you want to develop on the market in Egypt, you should also select the business form. A shelf company in Egypt may be subject to several check-ups before the entrepreneur purchases the firm. Please consider that this is an important step before signing the contract and changing the ownership, and furthermore, one must understand the terms and conditions of a ready-made company in Egypt.

For a better identification of your needs regarding shelf companies, we suggest you to get in touch with our team of company formation representatives in Egypt.