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Set up a Limited Liability Company in Egypt

Set up a Limited Liability Company in Egypt

A limited liability company in Egypt can be set up easily as soon as all the terms and conditions have been respected, and the documents prepared in accordance with the Commercial Companies Law. Our company formation specialists in Egypt are at your disposal for comprehensive information in registration matters with the authorities in charge. Even more, our advisors can assist you when applying for special permits and licenses for your future business.

Conditions for opening an LLC in Egypt

An LLC in Egypt can be formed by at least two stockholders regardless of their nationality because such business entity can be entirely owned by foreigners. The minimum share capital is set at 50,000 Egyptian Pounds and can be drafted in a bank account as soon as the company has been set up. Furthermore, a director must be appointed for your LLC in Egypt, whether a resident or from outside the country, who is going to take care of the managerial responsibilities in the firm. Please consider the following requirements when setting up an LLC in Egypt:

  • reserve the name for your LLC;
  • provide to the local trade register the Articles of Association;
  • file the Memorandum of Association;
  • offer complete information about the shareholders (name, address, nationality);
  • notarize the owner’s signatures;
  • name the board of managers;
  • apply for tax purposes.

Once all the documents have been accepted, the Commercial Registry in Egypt will issue the registration number and the certificate of incorporation for your business in the country. It is suggested to ask for assistance and guidance from our company incorporation specialists in Egypt when drafting the documents because they can properly supervise the registration process and can help entrepreneurs set up the business in a fast manner.

The management of an LLC in Egypt

One or more managers can take care of the responsibilities of an LLC in Egypt, can be appointed for a limited or an unlimited period of time, and their names will be written in the Memorandum of Association of the company. Directors in a limited liability company in Egypt have full rights in the business and will operate on behalf of the stockholders, of course, with a final decision made by the owners. We remind that a limited liability company in Egypt can be set up by investors worldwide, without having to travel or relocate in this country. We can assist all foreigners when choosing an LLC for incorporation in Egypt.

Please feel free to contact our team of experts in company formation in Egypt for information and support when registering an LLC in Egypt.