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With a strategic geographic location in North Africa, important exits to the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea and known as one of the oldest civilizations, Egypt ranks on the 30th place among countries with a dense population and territory. Egypt is an important player on the market in varied industries like agriculture, tourism, exports and much more, having strong economic collaborations with many European, Asian, or other important countries. Besides that, the country is an active member of significant organizations like the Arab Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization or the International Monetary Fund, which makes it even more credible among investors wanting to place their assets in Egypt’s main business sectors. Starting a business in Egypt can be a suitable option for those interested in making money in the country’s main industries. Our company formation agents in Egypt can provide you with support and guidance when preparing and drafting the documents for your company, considering the Commercial and the Civil Law in the country.

Types of business entities in Egypt

Under the Corporate Law no. 159 and the Commercial Law of 1883 in Egypt, a businessman can set up limited liability companies and joint stock companies, two of the main forms of incorporation preferred by investors worldwide. Besides that, one can choose from a few kinds of partnerships like a general partnership, limited by shares and joint venture. If you have decided for a business form in Egypt, we remind that our specialists in company formation in Egypt can offer you complete help in each step of company registration, in order to speed up the process. Here are the main types of companies one can choose to set up in Egypt:

  • limited liability company;
  • joint stock company;
  • general partnership;
  • limited partnership.

How to set up a limited liability company in Egypt

limited liability company (LLC) in Egypt can be registered through the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI), considering the provisions of the Corporate Law since 1981. This type of entity limits the stockholders to a particular number of shares. According to the laws, an LLC in Egypt can be named after its partners and can be registered if a minimum share capital of 1,000  Egyptian Pounds is provided in the company’s bank account. Please consider that an LLC in Egypt is not permitted to assign variable bonds and shares.

How to set up a joint stock company in Egypt

Joint stock companies in Egypt can also be registered through GAFI, in compliance with the regulations in this matter,  where at least three stockholders need to be registered and where the capital is divided into equal value shares. Foreign investors who choose to register a joint stock company in Egypt must comply with the requirements, and here we mention that at least 49% of the shares must be placed to public subscription at the time of their establishment. Just like the limited liability companies, the joint stock entities can also be owned by foreign investors, considering that the board managers should have at least one Egypt national.

How to set up a partnership in Egypt

general partnership in Egypt implies at least two investors and it is conducted by the commercial and civil laws in the country. Each kind of partnership, whether limited by shares or not, must be registered with the Ministry of Finance. We remind that such partnership comes with equal rights and powers for all partners.

Company formation in Egypt

Investors who have decided to register a limited liability company in Egypt should prepare the documents and submit them to the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones in the country. The succeeding forms and requirements can be issued with the support of our specialists in company formation in Egypt who can guide you throughout the entire company registration process.

•    stamped articles of association;
•    information about the shareholders of the company (name, nationality, and address);
•    ID copies of the investors;
•    the name of the company;
•    the address of the business;
•    details about the bank account for the minimum share capital; 
•    VAT certificate.

For varied reasons, investors can appoint a legal representative who can use the power of attorney when setting their business in Egypt. After the registration process, one should consider the special licenses and permits for the future activities of the company

Complete assistance in the company incorporation procedure in Egypt and for the important steps to consider can be offered by our team of company formation agents in Egypt, so please feel free to contact us.